im sorry i had to

arrghgghghgh I’m slowly improving at dealing with rejection as an actor but it’s hard like I haven’t heard back from the webseries at all which most likely means I didn’t get it I wish they would just tell meeeeee

Marina messing up the lyrics to ‘I am not a Robot’


The others got Groot a new pot and decorated it. 



This whole movie was a masterpiece.

I really wanna see this movie

lately I feel like I’ve been cheating on tumblr with pinterest like I am addicted to it I pin so many recipes and it’s crazy cause I’ve actually made a bunch of them like today I made these healthy banana cookies and they weren’t exactly like cookies but they are pretty good and I spread a bit of nutella on top and had it with a glass of almond milk and it was delicious!!

I don’t know when I started actually enjoying cooking but I actually do now??? but yeah ya’ll should follow me on pinterest

…But if you’ll let me, I will spend everyday trying to make you happy.

farowyn replied to your post “I’m auditioning for a webseries today you guys how crazy is that”

good luck!!!!!

nipponq replied to your post “I’m auditioning for a webseries today you guys how crazy is that”

Break a leg!! Not literally though that would be awful…

thank you lovelies!! the audition went okay, I doubt I’m going to be cast, but it was good experience!